Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is an Indian vegetarian gravy dish that originated in North India more specifically Punjab. The secret to any good dish lies in fresh ingredients, in this case, namely palak aka spinach and paneer aka cottage cheese. Traditionally heavy cream is added at the end to give the dish its rich taste. If you’re preparing this for guests go ahead and add the cream. But for a regular meal I would skip the cream. Instead yoghurt and cashewnut paste is used. This gives the dish a creamy texture without the added calories.

Some Interesting Facts about Spinach

  • The origins of Spinach can be traced back to Persia
  • It is believed that Popeye is responsible for increasing the consumption of Spinach in the US by almost 33%
  • As per some reports, in 1870 a German chemist, miscalculated the iron content in spinach as 35 milligrams per 100-gram serving instead of 3.5 milligrams and hence was born Popeye the Sailor’s legendary love for spinach
  • Ideally spinach should be used fresh as it loses its nutrients when stored in the fridge
  • Don’t shy away from using too much spinach. A bundle of spinach looks like a lot when uncooked, but it contains almost 90% water and hence reduces by more than half when cooked


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Here is the recipe for “Healthy Palak Paneer or Cottage Cheese in Spinach Gravy”

From the Pantry

PP frm the pantry


Spices & Herbs

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Grocery List

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