Burn After Reading: Edition 1

Burn After ReadingI am completely obsessed with wardrobe capsules. Check out the colour palate on this one. Isn’t it just gorgeous. I watched a TEDx talk the other day, where Jennifer L. Scott talks about a 10-item wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe

Alicia Souza is this wonderful illustrator based in Bengaluru. Her drawing about everyday life and Charlie (her adorable dog) are so cute

Alicia Souza

I spent at least 2 hours at work looking at pictures of food. Fried sweet food are sure to brighten any party, but these mini churros are gorgeous. I could eat a zillion of these little sugary bullets

Mini Churros

Some people are so talented! Check out Robby’s interactive resume. I am speechless.

Interactive Resume

Every since the first season of Masterchef Australia aired on Star World, Australia has made it to my travel bucket list. The food scene is very unlike any other country, right from George’s Gaza to Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop in Barossa Valley to Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck. And of course the trip will be incomplete without a visit to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie. Nomadic Matt provides you with all the details


Avocados are a super food and so versatile. You can make pasta, toasties, smoothies, guacamole, salsa, salads etc. But I always struggle with getting ripe avocados. Most of the time I end up with raw avocados and have to chuck them. But recently I found this 2 amazing ways to use raw avocados. One involves pickling them and the other a method to ripen them.

Pickled Avocados


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