Burn After Reading – Edition 2

Burn After Reading

Do you every wonder what your dog is thinking about? Does he/she want a belly scratch or just to play ball. Find out here2016-06-10 18.40.13


This in an interesting way to make egg curry. Instead of boiled eggs, you drop raw eggs into the sauce. This reminds me of Shakshouka, but an Indian version.Egg Drop Curry


Always wanted to travel on your own but as a woman you didn’t think it was safe? Or you read Eat, Pray, Love and were inspired to take a sabbatical to travel on your own to find yourself? Women travel bloggers tell you howDSC00146


Raindrop Cake! Wondering what that is? For some reason New York is going gaga over this. Raindrop cake


Sultan is releasing in the first week of July 2016. Yay.. I am so excited. It’s a Salman Khan movie. But can someone explain this song to me?Sultan


After reading these 15 reasons I think I need to put Japan on my travel bucket list.Japan


Traveling in India and want to splurge on yourself? Stay at these hotels and enjoy the good life!Darjeeling




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