Burn After Reading – Edition 3

21st June was celebrated around the world as International Yoga Day. In keeping with the spirit of the practice, here are some yoga poses which are good for you based on your sun sign.



Although red wine has been praised for its heart healthy benefits, white wine is not without its beneficial aspects as well. If you’re counting calories, white wines usually contain slightly fewer calories than red wines, but this can vary in both reds and whites. But now you can ditch the reds, whites and rosés. Instead opt for Blue Wine. Also do note why you need to store your wine bottles horizontally



I am addicted to this online game. The artwork and detailing is amazing. A point-and-click adventure game in which your goal is to escape the nightmare of the day! You might just need a walk through. This game however is disturbing.


Dance videos always seem to brighten my mood. Like this one of 3 girls dancing to Cheap Thrills on Juhu beach

Cheap Thrills


What’s your sleeping style? You might need to change it asap!



Pancakes are a perfect for Sunday breakfast/ brunch. And they are even better when your breakfast in bed is pancakes and maple syrup.



Some of the least visited countries in Europe and why you need them on your list asap.



I really do enjoy a good book rather than watching television any day of the week. Here is a guide to some new and exciting titles of 2016




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