The Battle of the Toasties

I do love a good French toast with a hint of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.. Yum! But on some days you just want to add some spices and make it more of a savoury toast than a sweet one. The husband claimed that he could make a good “desi toast” and I had to obviously  maintain my title of “The Better Cook”. Hence there was this unsaid competition between us this weekend, where on Saturday the husband made his “Indianised French Toast” (as he refers to it) and I made B.A.E toasties (Bacon. Avocado. Egg)

You be the judge and decide which one you would prefer for breakfast. Leave your reply in the comment box to support your toastie 🙂

The EPIC Battle of the Toasties Weekend!

The Husbands Indianised French Toast


Indian French Toast - Ingredients



Indian French Toast - Process


B.A.E Toasties [Bacon. Avocado. Egg]


BAE Toasties - Ingredients


BAE Toasties - Process


Toasties - Tips & Tricks


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