Burn After Reading – Edition 7

Are you suffering from SMONDAY. Here are some ways you can prepare for the dreaded Monday.


In the monsoons I constantly suffer from bad hair days. Here are a few hairstyles that help you manage that greasy fuzzy hair.

bad hair day


It’s time to eat. But Wait! Don’t dig in. I haven’t taken a picture yet. This Ikea ad captures how social media has invaded our lives. I have to admit I’m a little like the dad in this video :/



I cracked up at these first date disasters. my favourite was #11.



I love painting my nails and looking for the latest trend and colours in nail art. But furry nails.. My dog/ goat might get a little confused 😉

furry nails


I no longer want a dog as a pet… I want a goat.



Have all your childhood friends moved away? Spending excessive time with your partner? Here are some ways to find new friends as an adult.



Wondering how #hashtags gain popularity for you and your business. Here is a class on how they work.






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