Burn After Reading – Edition 8

My siblings were thumb suckers and I always thought it was a disgusting habit. But according to studies this habit might actually reduce children’s risk of developing certain allergies.



Here are some hilarious and real comic strips about the not so simple life of a woman.



Im in love with this designer. But everything seems to be sold out…. wwwwhhhyyyy 😦



From Brookies to tea-cakes and Macarons to Braided Boule bread, these homebakers from Pune share their recipes.



For your next hair appointment would you try hidden rainbow haircolour? It seems to be the latest trend and I think it would kinda look gorgeous on black hair.

Rainbow Hair


If you live in Mumbai or are a tourist who loves seafood especially crab, these restaurants should be on your must-visit list.

2016-08-27 09.11.58


Would you opt for a 47-year flight connection layover. Jen from Skyscanner was brilliant with tackling this social media conundrum.



Have you ever found yourself suddenly awake in the middle of the night? Your tossing and turning and just wish you could just pop back to sleep. Follow these techniques and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.






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